For over 60 years, people have been relying on Ethco LP Gas to fulfill their residential, commercial and agricultural propane (LP Gas) needs. We also offer a variety of other products such as: unleaded conventional gasoline, ultra low sulfur diesel, dyed ultra low sulfur diesel (heating oil), and dyed kerosene.

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• Propane (LP) Gas

• Conventional Gasoline (87 Oct.)

• Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

• Dyed Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

• Dyed Kerosene


We have flexible delivery and payment options to accommodate our customers’ needs.

Delivery Options:

Automatic Delivery:
With this service, you never have to call or remember to order gas. Your address will be placed on a route, and you will receive propane deliveries on a timely and needful basis. The account must be current for this option. Most of our customers prefer automatic delivery because it reduces the risk of running out of gas.

Will Call:
With this service, you are responsible for monitoring your own gas levels. When your tank reaches 20%, call in to schedule a delivery. This will give us ample time to fulfill your order. It is not advised to let your tank run out of gas as this could lead to a serious safety hazard.

We are committed to providing exemplary customer service. We would be happy to create a customized delivery plan that would best meet your needs.

Payment Options:
Net 30 Days (From the Date of Delivery)
Budget Billing
Pre-Buy (Offered yearly prior to the heating season)

How to read your tank gauge:
The gauge is located at the top of the propane tank. It is usually under the hood. The tank is considered full at 85%.
There is a minimum vapor capacity of 15%. The pointer on the gauge represents the percentage of propane remaining in the tank.
Gallons Remaining
Gauge Reading 120 Gallon Tank 250 Gallon Tank 500 Gallon Tank
85 102 212.5
80 96 200 400
70 84 175 350
60 72 150 300
50 60 125 250
40 48 100 200
30 36 75 150
20 24 50 100
 Important Safety Information for you and your family.